Live Podcasting for Creators: The Complete Guide to Getting Started

If you have searched for “how to do a podcast” in google then you have landed in the right place, before getting started, live podcasts are a great way to host videos and live events online and to reach maximum viewers, 

Read more to find how!

What Is Live Podcasting?

Live podcasting is the streaming process where a podcast or a video content is being recorded and telecasted live in real-time.

It  allows viewers to take part in the live podcast stream, it’s like watching a live telecast in a television or radio show but interacting and engaging opportunities with the hosts and other viewers and listeners.

Benefits Of Live Podcasting

Multiple streamlines of businesses and marketers are highly benefited from live podcasts and here we have mentioned several benefits that benefit both creators and listeners. 

1.Live communication: Live podcasting brings real-time interaction with the host and the viewers/listeners. In live podcasts one can question, seek knowledge, submit feedback, through live chat or call-ins tools presented in the platform.

 This builds a community and engagement, making the podcast more dynamic and interactive.

2. Authenticity and spontaneity: Live podcasts capture the raw and unedited moments, providing an authentic experience. The hosts can respond to listener comments and questions in real-time, creating a sense of spontaneity and making the podcast feel more alive.

3. More viewer engagement: Live podcasting encourages active participation from the audience. Viewers can clear their doubts, seek professional advice from the host and interact with others which enhances engagement during the podcast. 

4. Event-like experience: Live podcasting can create a sense of event or occasion. Content creators can send out show pamphlets online, schedule events, conduct interviews like a real event.

5. Invite guests: Hosts can invite guests to join them live, creating unique and engaging content that combines different perspectives and expertise. Experts bring different perspectives to the content and listeners can gain more knowledge.

6. Monetization potential: Live podcasting can offer monetization opportunities through sponsorships, ads, or even ticketed events creators can make use of it through multi streaming platforms.

The benefits can multifold based on the creator’s decision and the opportunities they make use of it.

Types Of Live Podcasting

There are diverse sets of  live podcasting that offer different solutions and opportunities to reach as many people as possible and they are mentioned below,

1. Live Interviews: Creators can invite guests, experts for a live interview, discussions allowing listeners to hear the conversation as it happens. Listeners can also participate by submitting questions or comments for the guest.

2. Q&A Sessions: Answering questions and discussing your content with the  audience in real-time is a great engagement driving factor. Hosts can clear listeners’ queries and doubts.

3. Live Events: Podcasters often organize live events where they record episodes in front of a live audience. These events can take the form of concerts, stand-ups, webinars, panel discussions, and live storytelling.

4. Social Media Platforms: Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube are a great way to connect with different audiences. Hosts can interact through comments, live chats and invite viewers to join the conversation to build more engagement.

Apart from these, there is an extra level of excitement in the podcasting realm since live podcasting is a dynamic and engaging experience!

How To Broadcast A Live Podcast

Broadcast a live podcast is very simple and  you can use platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook or simply use a multistreaming platform for that. Here’s how you get started:

1. Best multistreaming platform: pick the right multi streaming platform with tools that suits your business before choosing one, consider your target audience, features, and platform UI.

2.Find the right tools: Setting up the necessary equipment to broadcast your podcast live is very important and some key tools include microphone, headphones, lights and a good internet connection.

3. Plan your content: Prepare an outline or script for your live podcast and choose the right content topics you farewell, knowledgeable and trending. 

4. Market your live podcast: Make creatives about your live podcast content and spread them on social media, through email, newsletters and webpages.

5. Test run: Before going live, do a test run to ensure everything is working properly. Check your audio settings, video resolution settings, and internet connection technical glitches during the podcast streaming session.

6. Go live now: now it’s time to launch your new live podcast, engage with your audience by being present, interactive and read their comments and give proper feedback for their questions.


Record and repurpose your live podcast: Save your live podcast video by recording them for future use. You can edit and repurpose the content for shorts and marketing reels.

Live Podcasting Gear: What You Need And What You Don’t

To start live podcasting, you’ll need a few essential gears:

1. Microphone: Invest in a good-quality microphone for clear-cut audio for your podcast. Some of the best brands like Audio-Technica, rhode are a great option to invest your money in.

2. Headphones: To avoid audio issues and background noise during the live podcast, use closed-back headphones to monitor your audio while recording. 

3. Audio Mixer: Mixers are available for free within the platform microphone, these mixers will convert the analog signal from your microphone into a digital format and give out a quality output.

Tip: Improve audio quality by adding filters and removing unwanted sounds.

4. Boom Mic: A boom arm is a professional audio recording tool which lets you capture sound the best way possible.

5. Webcam or professional Camera (optional):  Live-streaming video needs a quality camera. A high quality webcam will help you improve the visual quality of your content.


A Stable Internet Connection is highly important for live podcasting to avoid interruptions and fluctuations during your broadcast.

These basic gears are a must and you can upgrade as you evolve as a creator.

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Where To Podcast Live:

Some of the best multistreaming platforms are mentioned below, take a note

OnTheFly the top multistreamign platform to host webinars, podcasts and other video content with special features that aid every online creator.

Special features include-

Streamyard- Simple and professional podcasting platform

Restream- Most popular and used platform.


If you want to interact with your listeners and establish a personal connection, live podcasts are the ideal option. Opportunities to strengthen community bonds, work together, and even monetize your content are presented by the live format. It’s simple to get started with the above mentioned platforms, let your voice be heard.

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