Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Live Streaming Studio

Are you interested in live streaming but don’t know where to start, learn the basics of how to setup your own live streaming studio at home, and how professionals started from scratch, remember all top streaming providers were once a beginner,

So here we have listed out the best cameras, microphones and the right budget- friendly setup for live streaming.

Keep reading and keep learning!

How To Set Up A Live Streaming Studio At Home

When you have this question in mind, the answer is, start with what you have ! Do you have a laptop, private space, good microphones to capture sound then you are halfway through, 

To get the rest of the things right, follow the checklist below,

Things to have in your own home live streaming studio,

  • A private noiseless room
  • A laptop and a streaming supportive camera
  • Internet connection
  • Quality audio and video devices
  • Soundproof materials
  • Lights
  • Best live streaming platform

A Private Noiseless Room

A separate space which is dedicated to your live streaming and other creative works is mandatory,  and to avoid external atmospheric sounds getting soundproof shells are important as well.

Ask these questions before you setup your studio room,

  • How much room space do I have?
  • Is it appropriate enough to handle all the technical and additional arrangements?
  • Will it adapt to natural lighting?
  • What is the condition of the room’s interior?

Design it in a way you want your audiences to perceive your brand,  some of the coolest home studio images are given below, 

A Laptop And A Streaming Supportive Camera

live stream studio A Private Noiseless Room

A laptop is a must have, because it takes care of half of the streaming necessities, using a Mac or High-end PC that suits the streaming is handy.

A Mid 2017 27″ iMac 64GB RAM/2TB SSD is enough for a basic setup, it supports Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, to edit and color grade your footage, if you are going for a pre-recorded stream. 

On an alternative note, if you have plans for a PC setup, then Intel Core i7 processor or an Eight Core i9 processor is the recommended setup.


When it comes to cameras, a Mac webcam is good to go but if you want high resolution results, then these are the best in the business- Logitech Brio 4K Camera, Logitech C922 Camera and a Unzano 1080p Hands Cam.

Some of the pro streamers use cinematic cameras to stream, one of the simplest and budget friendly options is to go for an Iphone latest model.

Internet Connection

A high speed internet connection is crucial to serve your viewers a stream without lag, choose the best internet provider and discuss your needs.

Don’t settle if the prices fit your budget you might regret it during the stream,  for you to grow your audience experience matters more than anything.

Different streaming and social platforms have different bandwidth to live streaming, the average range is between 672 kbps and 61.5 Mbps.

Quality Audio Devices

Your mic is your voice interpreter, a wide range of mics are available in the market, Shure, Audio Technical are some good brands which pro streamer use.

A good streaming microphone is an investment you will not regret, based on the stream, make a choice between XLR and USB mics.

Some of the recommended mics are Blue Yeti Condenser Mic, Rode NT-USB-Mini, Razer Seiren Mini, HyperX

Soundproof Materials

The more you cut down the outside noise the more focused your live streaming will be and this is where soundproofing materials come into play.

Drill foam panels into your walls, using heavy curtains block a certain amount of sound. Egg wooden trays and cardboards are some traditional ways to reduce noise but they don’t give a guaranteed output.

Decide on what you need and make a wise choice of materials.


three point light for private studio

Well, lights play the most important role in the studio, before choosing the lights , be ready to invest in the right lighting equipment.

Three point lighting is the best way to light your studio room, for that you will need a key light, a fill light and a backlight.

Ring light is optional as it is used to light the subject presenting the streaming.

Other major accessories

Apart from the major accessories mentioned above, there are some other accessories which needs to be included for a successful streaming experience,

  • A memory card -To store your stream as a backup
  • Card reader- To read the raw footage from camera to pc
  • A universal adapter that fits your stream
  • Tripod stand- To hold your camera set up
  • Microphone arm- Holds the microphone without shake
  • Extension Cables- To connect your devices together
  • Light stands- To withstand all the three light sets
  • Green screen- If you are planning on creating animated visuals in the background
  • Headphones- To listen to your viewers online

Best Live Streaming Platform

Setting is the major step in live streaming but utilizing the right live streaming platform will enrich your live stream, as it is full of capabilities and streaming features.

Our suggestion is, OnTheFly, because OnTheFly holds the highest potential among the most in the market.Some of it’s features include, 

Some of it’s features include, 

  • Multistreaming solutions: You can broadcast live and recorded media material into several social media networks such as facebook, twitter,instagram, at the same time.
  • Invite guests: To boost interaction, it’s better to collaborate and extend invitations to several other hosts for your webinars and podcasts.
  • Studio-quality recording: OnTheFly offers unlimited cloud storage, so you can quickly and simply record your stream.
  • Engagement tools: Use chat, surveys, Q&A, and private messaging to interact with your audience and increase viewing.
  • Branding customisation-Customize your live stream’s themes, banners, logos, and backdrop pictures to effectively brand your material.
  • Email template: Streamers can notify and invite the hosts using these email templates instead of writing one to every host.


In the wild market of live streaming, making a strong benchmark is essential but how does one achieve it is another big question, the answer is always choosing the right platform to stream your content.

Restream, OnTheFly, Streamyard are the most efficient platforms in the live streaming market, we hope we have solved all the home studio setup doubts of yours.

For more information on live streaming and other multistreaming related queries reach out to us in the comment section.

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