Retain Your Brand’s Vibe In Every Stream

Easily create unique live streams that mirror your brand's identity.

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On-brand Logo

Add Your Own Brand Logo

Carry your brand’s feel throughout your event, while protecting your content from unauthorized use.

  • Faster brand recognition
  • Influence brand perception
  • Resonate with audience

Background & Layout

Backgrounds That Reflect Your Brand

Give your live streams a more professional and branded ambience with customized backgrounds.

  • Emphasize your context
  • Captivating viewing experience
  • Reinforces brand identity
customized backgrounds with logo
virtual background brannding

Virtual Background

Set Backgrounds With Virtual Effects

Personalize your background that best fits your content. Blur the background, use conceptual images, or add virtual effects as your backdrop, even without a green screen.

  • Establish visual hierarchy
  • Create immersive experiences
  • Engage with interactive elements

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