OnTheFly use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy including the Limited Use requirements

OnTheFly uses Google's Application Programming Interface (API) Services to enable the user authorization feature to allow you to log in to the platform using your Gmail accounts.

Our system developers use your Google information to improve the features that you see and use on your platform. We abide by strict regulations to make sure that the data is not used improperly on our platform.

Access To YouTube API Services

OnTheFly offers the option to connect your YouTube channel to your OnTheFly account.

If you choose to do this, we use YouTube API Services to gather specific information about your channel, including details like your channel title, thumbnail, username/profile ID, email, access tokens, and information about your live broadcasts (e.g., comments, live viewer counts, ingest address, and stream name).

If you link your YouTube channel to OnTheFly, please review Google's privacy policy for additional details.

When you disconnect your YouTube channel from OnTheFly, we will delete all the data associated with that channel.

You can also revoke access through Google's security settings page.

Limited Use Policy

OnTheFly follows all the rules mentioned in Google's limited use policy, which means:

We don't read your data unless you've given us permission to see specific messages, files, or other information.

We don't use your data for showing ads, like personalized or interest-based advertising.

We only use your data to create or enhance features that you see and use in our platform. Any other use of your data is not allowed.

We only share your data with others when it's necessary to improve the features you see in our app.

You can find more information about what data our platform requests and why it needs access to your Google user data in our Privacy Policy.