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Easy-to-use Webinar Hosting Platform for B2B Marketers

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Easily Manage Hosts & Attendees

Add, remove or manage your guests and co-hosts while ensuring a professional webinar experience to your audience.

  • Invite Unlimited Attendees Accommodate any number of attendees on your webinar sessions.
  • Guest destinations Get your guests to add their social media handles for sharing the recordings.
  • On-screen participants: Host up to 6 guests on-screen, swap them in and out as needed for your event.
  • Co-hosts/ Admin Seats: Include up to 4 admins/ co-hosts to collaborate and manage the sessions.
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Make Conducting Webinars Effortless

Leverage all the essential tools you need to create an expert-grade webinar session for your target audience or brand customers.

  • Add Google Slides Include presentations in your sessions directly from your Google Slides account.
  • Set Extra Camera Add multiple camera inputs to your sessions as per your needs.
  • Upload Video Files Include video files and play them during your sessions without delays/ stutters.
  • Share Your Screen Let your audience view your screen / presentation content in an ongoing event.

Drive Engagement With Interactive Tools

Add multiple interaction elements to your events or shows to engage your audience on-the-go, and retain customer attention and acquisition.

  • Live Polls, Survey & Feedback Attract user attention by driving them to participate in polls, surveys and feedback.
  • Real-time Chat Leverage users to chat with the host on a live webinar, for queries or feedback.
  • Contests & Gamification Make your online sessions lively and fun by conducting contents or games.
  • Push Notifications Send alerts to users on desktops or mobile to notify about upcoming events.
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Deliver Memorable Brand Experiences

Add brand-specific elements to your webinar sessions and give your audience a personal connection to your products/ services.

  • Edit layout Choose the layout of your webinar that’s suitable for your content or brand.
  • Add banner Include your company or brand banner on your webinar session.
  • Unique Brand Color Maintain your brand’s color tone throughout your session.
  • Upload Own Logo Use your logo on any part of your webinar without any restriction/ limitation.

Countless Use Cases Limited Only By Your Imagination

Possibilities are endless, as far as you can imagine.


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