How to Make Live Streaming Website: 10 Steps to Launch 2024

Before you initiate the process of creating a live streaming website, there are hundreds of methods out there on the internet where one can achieve it. Still, to ease your task, we have handpicked the simplest and most effective plans and methodologies to ace it.

Here, you can understand the benefits, needs, and ways to earn from your live-streaming website. Continue reading!

What Is A Live Streaming Website?

A live streaming website is an online space where you can host or publish live content with the help of the internet. When stalwarts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter open up for live streaming, as a creator or business owner, you can achieve it easily without reaching for third-party sites.

Reasons Why One Needs A Live Streaming Website?

When it comes to live streaming, revenue is something on which content creators depend on popular platforms.

Platforms like Twitch share almost 70% of creator revenue, and the famous entertaining application TikTok loots half of your earned income. 

Source: Verge

The current statistics of live streaming in the US say more than 163 million viewers are consuming live streaming, and very few platforms share a decent amount of revenue for the streamers.

Source: Influencer marketing hub

With that being said, why not go create an individual live streaming website where you can enjoy most of your hard earned money.

Before you start building a live-streaming website, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Why do you need one?

This question will give a clear picture of revenue, audience, content strategies, and plans.

2. Who is your audience?

Ultimately, you create content for your audience, ensure you have filtered out your target audience, and create a website based on that.

For example:
If you are a travel-based content creator, focus on the consumers and a website that will impress them.

3. What kind of content experience will you provide?
Streaming content on a website is not a simple task of playing video; it holds several significances, like stream quality, upload speed, video quality, and access to your media files.

Take notes from top sites; bringing the best streaming content with HD quality should be your ideal goal, as should simplifying the page with minimal scroll-through options.

4. What is your pricing structure?
There are three types of pricing structures available commonly: basic, premium, and enterprise. Compare with the top sites and create your plan.

5. Do you have additional features?
Some of the best live-streaming sites have features like recording, branding, and sharing options. Please take note of them and use them wisely.

Ask yourself these questions before you step into the idea of creating a live-streaming website.

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How To Create A Live Streaming Website?

Once you are done answering the questions, follow these steps to create a high-level site.

Step 1:Conceptualize Your Idea

Define an idea that serves the purpose of every viewer visiting your website. This can be done with some brainstorming and knowing your target audience.

Step 2:Plan Your Content

Content is king; plan on impressing your audience with each piece of content and what is going to be showcased on your website.

Step 3:Choosing technologies

A good tech-supported website will provide a quality streaming experience; some of the streaming technologies for good streaming are Content Delivery Network (CDN), a media server, and encoding software. Use some of the popular streaming services and understand the process behind them.

Step 4:Create a Domain name and Hosting provider

A solid domain name will redirect many viewers, so register a domain name and a worthy web hosting provider.

Step 5:Appealing Design

Develop a compelling and user-friendly website, and take inspiration from successful websites and top competitors in the business.
Or recruit web developers to simplify your task or use website builders like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Step 6:Encoder

Once you have a setup of camera equipment, microphones, and a top-performing encoder, it will bring outstanding results.

Step 7:Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is crucial to any live-streaming web page as it organizes the media files and helps viewers abundantly.

Step 8:Security and log in

Viewer information, login, and user streamer interaction decide on those; user authentication is a must to avoid unwanted entries.

Step 9:Monetization Strategies

Monetization is a successful strategy to generate revenue. There are multiple ways to monetize your content; some of the best are

  • SVOD
  • TVOD
  • Donations
  • Pay per view
    Choose a subscription that works for you.

Step 10:Feedback generation

Analytics to measure the audience, Q&A, and feedback on content are mandatory things that will push through your competitive content creators. Post all these, go for a test run-through, and then launch your website.

Benefits Of Live Video Streaming Websites: 

As a creator, you can reap hundreds of benefits from live-streaming websites. Live streaming websites possess a lot of benefits that a creator can enjoy. Some of them are posted below; read them thoroughly.

Extend your reach: you can reach a global audience without restrictions with a live stream.

Real-Time Interaction: You can foster healthy communication with your viewers by participating in live chat, comments, and Q&A sessions.

Monetization: Money-making subscriptions like Ads, subscriptions, donations, and pay-per-view are easy ways to generate money for your content.

Brand Building: you can create your identity and explore the world of possibilities by standing as an icon.

Dedicated audience: Your fans don’t have to go to third-party sites to access your content; your website serves for all.

No revenue share: Third-party sites might hinder your revenue growth, but you play all the cards with your website.


Summarizing the above steps and strategies, creating a live streaming website is a choice, and overall, live video streaming sites offer a dynamic and interactive space to share and consume content, benefiting content creators and their audiences. Remember that developing a live-streaming website requires server administration, web development, and video streaming proficiency. If you have yet to gain experience in these areas, contact experts or work with a team of website developers to understand what features can be added to your website. Refer to websites like OnTheFly, Restream, and Streamyard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best revenue model for a live streaming website?

Saas model, Freemium model, subscription model and advertising based revenue model choose what works best for you based on your business and content.

2. How to build a live streaming website?

Before you start building your live streaming website, ensure that you follow and understand the following steps.

1) Prepare a plan that suits your business needs
2) Decide on your platform/website features
3) Design your ideal website in a unique way
4) Decide on the monetization methods
5) Check competitor websites for reference

3. How do I monetize a live streaming website?

Set up monetization plans that allows creators to generate revenue, some of the best methods involve ads, sponsorship, merchandise sales, donation and subscription plans.

4. What Are The Key Features Of A Live Streaming Website?

Most of the high performing live streaming websites have these features, making these a prominent one will help you reach more viewership and to create a strong brand identity.

Features include:
1) Multistreaming
2) Video editing
3) Recording
4) Cloud Storage
5) Video CMS
6) Lag-free streaming

5. How Do I Choose A Live Streaming Platform?

It’s a decision that depends on multi factors like services offered, monetization plans provided, security solutions, low-latency features, and multistreaming options, refer to multiple streaming platforms and sites and commence to a decision.


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