Top 13 Tips and Tricks For a Successful Live Stream Ideas (2024)

Who likes routine content? As a content creator, if you smell a dash of boredom from your viewers or some of your viewers are falling back for the next session, then you need to spice it up a little with a few fun and creative streaming sessions.

Or else you will end up losing viewership and engagement for your channel.

So here we have listed out a few ways to keep your content and streaming channel lively and highly engaging.

How Do I Start Live Streaming?

Live Stream Ideas

Before you step into streaming tips following these live streaming ideas, make sure you analyze and prepare why it didn’t work out.

For instance, if you were using a live streaming platform to stream your content, you would be supported with features like reporting and feedback analysis to find out what went wrong in the stream.

Make sure you find a suitable platform and use it wisely. Now let’s get back to the 13 creative content ideas and fun things to do on live

13 Fun and Creative Live Stream Ideas:

There are a bucket full of ideas on the internet, give these streaming ideas a try, as most of them will work as an engaging factor

Live Event Show:

  • If you are a content creator who often ends up reviewing events, shows, or meet-ups, Take up the challenge of hitting reality by visiting the event 
  • And start shooting the event live (with permission), interacting with guests and viewers, getting feedback, and creating a compelling story out of it.

Word Play Games:

Words on stream is a popular streaming game integration on Twitch. Get ideas from it, revisit your childhood, try to engage your viewers with word play games, and generate more viewership by multistreaming.

Behind The Scenes:

  • Behind the scenes of any industry or working methodology, it is always interesting to tweak the viewership. If you are a business owner, introduce the people behind your work 
  • If you are a content creator, show the way you work and the tools you use to create your content. Beginners will be highly interested in learning from a professional.

Q&A Sessions:

  • Conduct Q&A sessions with your audiences and create a poll or choice-type answer for them.
  • Ask questions about your most watched or popular content.

Tips Industry-Wise:

  • To draw a new set of audience from various industries, try to create live streaming with facts and data about different industries.
  • This will help you find new viewers and build knowledge.


  • As a content creator, you can explore different areas of interest; the more unique and interesting your content, the more viewership and business you drive.
  • Pull out some interesting off-topic content from Google Trends, Twitter Trending, or current world news, updates, or history.


  • Trends will never run out of trends. Keep yourself updated with the current happenings in the world by following the trends on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Create a live, instant stream with information about the trends and raise your standards.

Product Demo:

  • Product demos are a great way to enhance interest and sell some new products to your viewers. Tie up with brands and sell products.
  • Influencer marketing is one of the most popular sales methodologies in the current internet world.
  • China made billions of dollars with online product sales. Find what you can sell better and make a product demo about it with live streaming.

Fundraisers For a Cause:

  • Save the world and raise your concerns about nature, the environment, animals, and humans with a live stream. Build a community of good will and raise funds for a cause you feel connected to.
  • Don’t use it as a selling point; contribute to the cause with your whole heart; you will build connections and a better world.


  • Announce quiz competitions and live stream them with your viewers; a competitive environment will attract repetitive visitors in the future.
  • Make sure you give gifts and giveaways to the winners. 

Troubleshooting tools:

  • If you are a product owner or a technical expert, real-time technical solutions will bring in more visitors and add more value to your channel.

For instance:

  • A simple video of how to change your car tyre when it’s flat has a million views on YouTube.
  • Try to bring solutions in your live stream by helping the viewers  

DIY Classes:

  • DIY (Do it yourself), arts and crafts to create simple school science projects, and home-made wood works are great live streaming material.
  • Indulge in something about which you are an expert, or learn it completely and explain it to your viewers.
  • Ask them to do it with you to create an engaging experience.

Unboxing Products:

  • Unboxing is always an exciting event to watch and to reveal. Unbox stuff that you bought for improvising your content.
  • Express your reasons and joy while unwrapping it.


  • Who doesn’t love a giveaway from their favorite content creator, conduct contests about your content journey or a hot trending topic
  • Engage viewers to participate by marketin.

Live shopping:

  • Fashion streamers can tie up with brands and initiate live shopping in multi streaming platforms, since fashion is a booming industry in the current era.
  • Apart from brands, you can sell your own merchandise to market your brand offline.

What To Avoid When Live Streaming:

  • Don’t be abusive or post insensitive content, even though your viewers are adults, be responsible.
  • Don’t get high or drink alcohol during live stream
  • Don’t exit the live stream and return abruptly
  • Don’t do stuff during the live stream; prepare everything before your live streaming event.


All these tips have worked well for many top creators. You can also draw ideas from your favorites or the ones you think are doing well in the industry.

Don’t just copy and paste it; invest your ideas and always have a reason for doing it.

And do it in full-on energy mode and enjoy the process.

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