How to Choose Live Class Platforms for Remote

The times we have running to classes and catching a special lecture for a particular subject are outdated, post Covid the world has moved into a virtual space with more convenient choices for learning and educating masses.

One such evolution is webinars and online educational webinar platforms, the process behind this e-learning is simple and most affordable when compared to traditional learning methods, over here let’s discuss the Best Online Live Class Platforms for Remote Learning and the need of the hour for educational platforms.

The Importance of Live Streaming Classes

The world is moving towards dynamic changes and more of breaking the old patterns of traditional learning, some of the key highlights of why live streaming classes are crucial are mentioned below,

  • Accessible education for all, there are times only the urban learners can access the educational institutions due to travel and other practical difficulties, but live streaming classes online makes it feasible for everyone at any time around the clock.
  • Affordable classes are available for everyone with live streaming, as it cuts down on traditional learning expenses like travel, material costs for documents and other paperwork
  • Dedicated coaching, one-on-one personal coaching is attainable based on scheduled time slots with the coach via live streaming, whereas traditional methodologies produce group classes with the masses.

Apart from these a happy environment is created with live streaming online classes, where less travel and less paper usage is put into action.

What are the Criteria For Choosing The Best Online Learning Platform

The platform you decide to choose indirectly reflects on how you want to learn ( methods of teaching, certification and content quality), so it’s wise to consider the below criteria before choosing an effective platform to learn,

Multiple Domains And Methodologies

Before you choose a platform, look for the variety of other courses offered by the platform, the diverse nature of the platform and their offerings will help you learn about new subjects in the future.

Secondly, The way the coaching is presented is important as it helps you learn better, look for reviews and enquire about the way the coaching is carried out, where there are presentations or simple videos posted without Q&A, get clarity on these before you choose.

Engagement Aspects

People learning by questioning from their perspective and video lectures through online platforms should have engagement tools like real-time chat, Q&A section to  clarify their doubts with the educator.

User- friendly Edu-Tech Features

A Top e-learning platform offers features from the perspectives of a learner, features like material hand-outs, raise hands, white boards, keynote, download functionalities and offline access to materials makes a platform user friendly. 

Affordable Pricing

Most of the top platforms offer free trial periods with basic features, affordability is highly considerable, since most high priced platforms offer very low quality features and standards. 

Before you make a purchase whether monthly or yearly subscriptions,  consider the features and your needs to be fulfilled. 

Customer Support

Technical glitches, download issues and other issues need 24/7 technical support, and discussion forums to resolve them, look for a platform that has uncompromising support features.

8 Best Online Learning Platforms to Live Stream Classes in 2024

Based on the different aspects of live streaming platform for educational purposes, we have jotted down a top 10 list,

Take a look at it’s pros and cons of it,

1. OnTheFly

Highly recommended educational platform for educators and streamers

OnTheFly is a newcomer with all around features to host educational webinars in large and small scale, it has premium features at affordable pricing to empower educators and educational streaming.

It has multistreaming features to boost viewership and engagement tools to increase the interaction between educators and viewers.

Top Features Of OnTheFly

  • Pro-recording
  • Multistreaming
  • Custom RTMP
  • Stream Scheduler
  • Pre-recorded stream
  • Cloud storage
  • Branding layouts
  • Live stream chat tool

What is the OnTheFly pricing option for Enterprise?

  • OnTheFly offers three affordable pricing plans 
  • Free
  • Basic-17.71$
  • Enterprise-47.23$

Click here to know more about the features available under them

2. Dacast

The most suitable for first time e- learners 

Dacast is an educators space with a large space to host large live streaming classes, it is one of the industry leading platforms to conduct conference-style virtual courses. 

It also offers integrations with zoom, and other top platforms for high end security and optimal live streaming solutions. 


Pricing starts at $39/month with 1,000 TB of bandwidth and 50 GB of storage per month, And a yearly event plan costs $750/year. 

3. Panopto

Best for lectures and educational institutions

Panopto is a coaching focused educational streaming platform with recording, archiving and library functionalities,  it’s highly suitable for educators and universities to conduct virtual classrooms. It also offers video monetization and API solutions.

Highlight Features

  • Auto-archiving with library for students access
  • Video analytics with controllers
  • White-label streaming
  • Document Indexing
  • Branding customization
  • Asset Categorization


Panopto comes with three pricing packages, the starter plan is available for free, Pro is priced at $14.99/month and Enterprise plan is customisable. 

4. Muvi

Ideal platform with DRM solutions

Muvi, is a top platform for online educators, virtual coaches and educators to stream successfully, the platform brings more solutions with DRM and on-demand hosting.

Muvi makes it possible to create a multi-screen live streaming classroom relatively quickly. This streaming solution comes with a wide range of functionalities and capabilities with VOD and audio streaming. 

Key Characteristics Of Muvi

  • HTML5 video player
  • Detailed streaming analytics
  • Multiple video monetization options
  • DRM and CDN
  • Live and on-demand hosting
  • Website and Apps for Mobile and TV

How Much Does Muvi Cost?

Muvi offers five different pricing plans

  • Standard plan comes at $399/month (+ $299/month per app + infra fees) fees structure
  • Professional plan comes at $1,499 per month (+ $499/month per app + infra fees),
  • Enterprise plan comes at $3,900 per month (+ $499/month per app + infra fees) 
  • Ultimate plan comes at  $8,900/month (+ $499/month per app + infra fees) 
  • Black plan is a customized solution with a combination of ultimate plan + premium services.

5. Hippo Video

Best AI power video platform

Hippo video platform is an AI powered education platform with software for hosting virtual classrooms online. Platform focuses on education, marketing, sales, and broadcasters with a wide range of budgets.

Hippo also offers video creation tools with editing features to make the tasks of educators easy.

What Are The Detailed Features Of Hippo?

  • Video editing tools
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Screen captures
  • AI editor
  • Team reports


Hippo Video has four different pricing structure, 

  • Free
  • Pro-$20 /month/user (Annually)
  • Teams-$60 /month/user (Annually)
  • Enterprises- $8 /month/use (Annually)

6. Cincopa

Most creative e-learning space to explore 

Cincopa is an e-learning streaming solution to host, store, share and to market videos and images. This is best for business in sales, marketing to conduct town halls, webinars and presentations.

Cincopa has different tools to manage media and media creation within the platform.

What Are Cincopa Media Aspects?

  • CMS with Auto-archiving
  • Multi-language audio
  • IP & domain lock
  • Custom-built integrations
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for security

What Is The Fee Structure For Cincopa 

Cincopa has four fee structure, 

  • Plus: $25/month;
  • Corporate: $99/month;
  • Enterprise: $350/month;
  • Custom enterprise.

7. Kaltura

Top cloud-based video platform 

Unlike other platforms Kaltura, is an anti-server cloud-based educational streaming platform for large educational institutions with on-demand learning experiences. 

It comprises features to stream Pre-recorded session, AI assistant, HD video player, Screen sharing, Session branding and Group chat. 

What Are Kaltura Specifications

  • Real-time analytics
  • Branding tools
  • AI assistant
  • Integrations with hubspot 
  • Cloud TV service

How Much Does Kaltura Pricing Come For ?

Kaltura caters users with three different pricing plans, 

  • Free
  • Business- $150/ month
  • Enterprise- it is based on the needs and users need to contact the platform to know the pricing.

8. Livestream. Vimeo 

Budget friendly education streaming solution

Livestream is a monetization based AI powered video hub with a live streaming platform with Engagement and CMS features. This educational video solution platform is a powerful option for virtual events, corporate communications, and training. 

What Are Livesteam Aspects

  • Flawless adaptive streaming
  • Live production graphics and tools
  • Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN)
  • Live video playback & Content management APIs
  • DRM

What Is The Cost Of The Livestream Premium Plan?

  • Vimeo Premium pricing: $65/month 
  • Vimeo Enterprise: customized pricing 
  • Vimeo OTT: subscription based where subscriber should pay $1 per month, Growth Plan starts at $500/month

How To Choose The Best Educational Platform ?

Apart from analyzing the top platforms, you can list out your needs and results carefully before deciding on one. Make sure you opt for the one with multi streaming capabilities, as it helps you increase viewers and builds brands.

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