Daily Lives of Live Streamers: A Complete Guide

You must be wondering what a streamer daily life would look like, how do they manage their routine with content creation and creating the next streaming content plan, yes we had the same doubt as well

So here we researched and answered all your questions, with a brief article below, dive through to know them all.

A streamer’s daily life ? Why is it important in 2024?

Streaming has taken over multiple industries like education, entertainment, marketing, fitness, healthcare, politics, religion and everyone is learning, sharing or communicating over live streaming more frequently than any other times in the past.

Right from small-scale businesses to individual streamers, streaming has become a tool to establish, communicate and connect. Viewers on the other hand started consuming live streaming as a daily life routine in their favorite subjects and passionate streamlines.

With that being said, for every budding streamer and live stream consumer, the curiosity has spiked to understand the lives of a streamer who they follow, admire or respect. So understanding them will help one to become better at it and to manage multiple tasks at the same time while doing a day job.

 Come now, let’s take a look at the daily routine of a top streamers in 2024, 

What Does A Professional Streamer Do All Day?

On any given day, professional streamers have a scheduled calendar to manage multiple tasks, if you have a laptop or notepad as a budding streamer it’s time you take notes now.

Morning Schedule

Some streamers live streamer right from the wake up, list the list of things they do, more like a vlog live streaming,  but here is the list of things a streamer would do in a day

  1. Research the next stream topic: Top streamers work on the streaming subject beforehand, by going into different perspectives of the topic and researching it online and offline.
  1. Read about competitors on the similar topic: Most streamers go through competitors’ work on the similar topic that they are interested in streaming and try to work on from improving their stream or by carrying forward from a new point of view.
  1. Collect materials on the subject: A solid research material like showcasing an actual proof during the live will increase the authenticity and credibility of the information shared. You can easily find  a good streamer showcasing such evidence during streaming.
  1. Personal well being activities like workout: A fit streamer is more appealing than an unhealthy looking one, most streamers improvise their health and choose health over anything.
  1. Gaming activities- Apart from  the professional gaming streams ,most streamers indulge in gaming on fifa, fortnite and other internet games.
  1. Edit the previous stream for marketing purposes: Editing is crucial for marketing the streamlined content. Most of the top streamers use social media platforms and use reels and short video content for marketing purposes.
  1. Maintenance check: Running a maintenance check on equipment like camera, pc, audio setup and other technical equipment avoids glitches during the streaming process 
  1. Catching up: Meeting up people to gain knowledge on the streaming subject is an activity carried by prominent streamers in the industry, it enhances their subject knowledge and builds rapport with new people. 
  1. Social connect: Social media activities like networking with other streamers and fans is a daily activity which keeps the streamers and their fans virtually connected to their streaming channel.
  1. Fans and followers feedback collection: The best streamers in the business collect feedback from fans regularly to improve their standards and to work on themselves.
  1. Write down the next day to-do tasks: The next day tasks with a list of actions to carry forward is important as it builds a routine of activities with growth mindset 

How to Get Started as a Live Streamer?

In addition to gaining knowledge from a streamer’s everyday activities, one of the most important questions is where to begin if you’re a novice. You may find the answers below.

  • Select Your Favourite Niche
  • Get top-Rated Gear
  • Research Before Streaming
  • Maintain a regular and high-quality streaming schedule with unique content.
  • Generate  Social Presence
  • be creative and presentable while presenting your stream
  • Collect feedback from viewers

How Much Does A Professional Streamer Make?

Ad revenue, subscription, sponsorship, membership, merchandise and brand collaborations are the most effective ways to generate revenue, the top streamers like Ninja clocks an average revenue of $25 million and all-time favorite PewDiePie makes $20 million. Most of the Twitch streamers earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.

How to Choose the Perfect Streaming Platform? 

Once you are aware of how to create a perfect stream, you will arrive at your needs, and the platform which fulfills them is a perfect streaming platform.

But the crucial must-have of a top streaming platform are

  1. Multistreaming
  2. Recording
  3. Custom RTMP
  4. Cloud storage
  5. Zero latency
  6. Affordable pricing.

The Right Platform Benefits The Streamer

As we conclude, a right platform will reap more benefit in the long run to the streamer than a platform with false promises, according to us, our suggestion to the right streaming platforms are OnTheFly, Restream, Streamyard. 

For more information on how to stream easily and tips on effective streaming, reach out to us in the comment section below, 

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