Top 5 Most Popular YouTube Live Streamers In 2024

Youtube is a wonderful space to showcase your videos and to get the attention of the world, but how did your favorite streamers get into it, what’s their back story, how  much do they earn, apart from your favorite who else is ruling the youtube live streaming world, to know it all read through the article.

Who Are The Top 5 YouTube Streamers In 2024?

YouTube Streamers

These top youtube streamers are ruling the live streaming business for different reasons but they all took one main stream subject and paved their own path, here is the top 5 list,

1. Vegetta777


Who is Vegetta777?

Vegetta777, is a famous Spanish YouTuber and influencer, plays Minecraft videos in Youtube, Battlefield, Saint’s Row, Garry’s Mod and he is the third most subscribed channel in Spain after Mikecrack and elrubiusOMG

He collaborated  with other YouTubers like MYM Alkapon3, iTownGameplay, Bersgamer, DeiGamer,  and Sarinha.

Facts You Need To Know:

  • YouTube Channel name: VEGETTA777
  • Number of Subscribers: 32.3 million
  • Streaming content: Minecraft, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Spiderman, and more
  • Focuses on: Minecraft games
  • Revenue: $3 million
  • Native: Spain

Original name: Samuel de Luque Batuecas, age 35

2. IShowSpeed


Who is IShowSpeed ?

IShowSpeed’s is a popular influencer who has won the Breakout Streamer of the Year at the 12th Streamy Awards. Darren Jason Watkins Jr.  He is a huge fan of CR7 and has video collaboration with Outfit7’s Talking Ben, his first streamed content is  gameplay on Talking Ben.

His recent cameo in WWE smackdown with Randy Orton, has turned millions of heads and created a controversial talk amongst wwe fans.

Facts You Need To Know:

  • YouTube Channel name: IShowSpeed
  • Number of Subscribers: 23,500,000 subscribers
  • Streaming content: Football and entertainment videos 
  • Focuses on: Football videos
  • Revenue: $ 300k
  • Native: United states

Original name: Darren Jason Watkins Jr., age 19



Who Is Timthetatman?

TimTheTatman  is a gamer who started out with fornite and now one of the leading online streamers in the world with millions of subscribers.  Timothy collaborated with Twitch streamers like Ninja, CouRage, DrLupo and BasicallyIDoWrk. 

Although Tim is most followed in Twitch, he is criticized by critics as an amateur player in the streaming world.

Facts You Need To Know:

  • YouTube Channel name: TimTheTatman
  • Number of Subscribers: 5,370,000 subscribers
  • Streaming content: Entertainment videos 
  • Focuses on: Overwatch and Fortnite
  • Revenue: $5.4M
  • Native: USA
  • Original name: Timothy John Betar, age 35

4. DrDisRespect


Who Is Drdisrespect ?

 DrDisRespect is an independent online game streamer from the USA who primarily focuses on battle ground games in twitch and youtube. He is a pro H1Z1 and PUBG player and won in tournaments. Currently he plays Blackout, Apex Legends, H1Z1, and shooter games.

Herschel was banned from a popular gaming platform, since then he switched  to YouTube live stream.

Facts You Need To Know:

  • YouTube Channel name: DrDisRespect
  • Number of Subscribers: 4,700,000 subscribers
  • Streaming content: Entertainment videos 
  • Focuses on: Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, H1Z1, and PUBG: Battlegrounds 
  • Revenue: $450K
  • Native: USA

Original name: Herschel Beahm IV, age 42

5. DJMariio 


Who Is Djmariio?

DJMariio, the spanish youtuber and a footballer who  is popularly known for his football game and player game plan reviews, he also focuses on football related interviews and partnered with eSports club DUX Gaming.

Currently he holds a position as the president of the Ultimate Móstoles team in the Kings League.

Facts You Need To Know:

  • YouTube Channel name: DjMaRiiO
  • Number of Subscribers: 9,240,000 subscribers
  • Streaming content: Football and entertainment videos 
  • Focuses on: Football entertainment and gaming videos
  • Revenue: $9.25M
  • Native: Spain

Original name: Mario Alonso Gallardo.

How Can I Become A Successful Youtube Livestreamer?

Follow the five simple steps to become a successful YouTube live streamer

  1. Study the content space you want to indulge in, copy your masters
  2. Be unique about your story telling
  3. Create compelling content 
  4. Be consistent and viewer friendly
  5. Communicate with your audience and work on the feedback

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Youtube has become a daily entertainment and information consumption platform, youtubers are delivering content to support different genres and different spaces altogether, if monetisation and attaining fame is your goal then reconsider it, try become a content creator who delivers something of value.

Multistreaming is a space that will reap more benefits than live streaming in one single platform, for more information on how to multi stream reach out to us in the comment section below,

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