How to Record a Quality Podcast: The Easiest Way and Tips

“The best Podcast Recording Software lets you enter into a captivating audioverse making your narratives sound polished and pro!”

Audio quality check. 

Software encoders for B2B podcasting, check. 

Free podcast recording software, check. check.

Have all these prepped? Then it’s the final hour for recording your podcast episodes, and putting your inspiring audio content in the ears of the audience. 

Now, if you are a skilled podcaster, then you can skip this post and head on to read the best podcasting recording platforms for streaming a successful episode. 

Whereas, if you are a newcomer, then we will cover the below topics:

  • Tips for recording podcasting audio
  • How to easily record a podcast
  • How OnTheFly can help you in your podcasting journey

So, before we jump right in, there are a few must-dos like,

Things to consider before recording a podcast

best way to record a podcast

Planning your content

While some professional content creators prefer to record sessions on the fly, the rest prefer to implement a plan of action and then start with the recording process.

Well, this ain’t wrong as it removes stress and hiccups during live podcasting. 

Inviting guests before the time

In case you are planning to do co-hosting, then it is advisable to invite your guests to your couches before starting with the event and planning their talks.

I would suggest that when you do this, just make sure to bring in experienced speakers as they may add value to your content.

How to record a podcast like a pro creator?

Giving exceptional audio content to viewers does not always need to have an eye on the right microphone or audio editing tools, your content should be able to pull the strings of audience engagement.

So, what can you do to increase the user base and get more likes for your audio marvel? We’ll see it below:

1. Clear Planning

The first step in the success ladder is always planning. If you have an idea of what you are going to speak about, and whether your script will impact your listeners, then you’ve achieved the first step to success.

Next, if you are planning to bring in guest speakers or invite professionals to your remote podium, give them a quiet place to do their recordings. Make sure they have been provided with a stable internet connection.

Well, I get the fact that post quarantine, it has become extremely difficult to bring in person to your podcasting room, in that case, make sure you give them your link for remote podcasting, and send them some of your quality microphones.

Lastly, opt for the podcast recording software wisely and not go ahead with a video conferencing solution. 

As there are plenty in the market that promise exceptional streaming quality across social media channels, but always experiment with the platform before hosting an episode.
Editor’s Note: This is our fourth sequel in our podcast recording software genre.

2. Hardware Equipment

With a billion-dollar plan ready in hand, you would now need the best equipment for your podcasting needs. Trust me, if you are willing to make a small investment in quality cameras and microphones, that will do the magic.

Therefore, make sure to have the following starter equipment kit ready before recording an episode.

1. Microphones

Choosing a microphone that suits your needs can be a little daunting as the e-commerce place is seriously filled with different options that are jargon-filled and technical.

So, if you are planning to purchase on a budget, I would suggest a Blue Yeti USB mic or Shure SM7B if you are willing to pay a dime. 

And see whether you are inviting multiple guests to your podcast shows, then you would need more than one microphone.

Did you know that the Shure SM58 mic is used by stand-up comedians, rock stars, and many other podcasters?

Plus, if you want to get industry-grade audio quality like the one in the studio, opt for XLR cables as it reduces noise and electrical interference. 

2. Headphones

Headphones are the must-haves for any podcast recording software, and wearing them during a session helps you monitor your audio and make adjustments.

My suggestion would be to use Sony’s MDR-7506 headphone that alleviates external noise. Or, the Beyer DT 770 PRO phone that has a neutral sound of 8.3. 

If you need something that’s cost-efficient and lower in price than the above, try out Superlux HD 681 which comes at half the price of Sony.

3. Podcast Recording Software

As a podcaster, you must have a fair knowledge of some of the reliable podcast recording applications or platforms that house both recording and editing capabilities. 

In case you are doing an offline session, then your device’s audio editing application alone would suffice. But, for remote online podcasting, you need a platform. 

But which to choose, because there are plenty in the market like the OBS Studio, OnTheFly, Riverside, Streamyard, and more. 

Again here, I would suggest you go ahead with OnTheFly as it is known for numerous perks with no downfall.

Advantages of using OnTheFly

1. Unique and quick setup

2. Advanced & HD-quality recording and editing tools

3. Co-hosting options

4. Platform and device compatible

5. Low learning curve for newbies

6. Highly budget-friendly

7. Simulcasting option to multiple social media channels

8. Vibrant chat themes

9. Multiple interaction elements

Pro Tip: Saw how beneficial you can get by recording podcasts with OnTheFly. Get Started right away!

How do you record podcasts with OnTheFly?

podcast recorder

With us (Yes, OnTheFly), showcase your speaking ability to multiple audiences and become one of the top-tier podcasters or influencers of the town.

We help you set up, record, and publish podcasts in less than 5 minutes. Along with this, you can also experience wide editing tools, engagement features, and robust hosting options.

Here’s how to easily create a podcast with OnTheFly:

1. Getting started with us: Begin your podcasting journey and show your worth to the world by creating an account with us by entering your email address and phone number.

2. Create a new project: Once you have created an account and got it authenticated, create your podcast project.

3. Invite guests: If you want to host a podcast show with your friends, you can invite them to hot seats by sending out links.

4. Record and edit: Once you are all set, start your recording, check the equipment’s audio levels, amplify wherever required, and finally make edits.

5. Publish your content: That’s it, you’re set to take your content to live by publishing stream links to any number of social channels. 

Got to know how easy-peasy it is to record podcasts with OnTheFly? Now let us see the three major reasons to make your episodes successful.

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Record podcasts easily with these 3 tips

Not everyone’s a born talent, and people excel with trial and error. Therefore, to not let you hang in your podcasting expedition, I have come up with 3 pro tips to make your episodes centerstage.

1. Record where there is no noise

Always choose a serene location that is devoid of any kind of noise. If you know a professional studio, just do not let it go, head towards it and complete your recordings.

Now if you do not have access to such sweet spots, choose your clothing closet, as your dresses act as a noise absorber, or your living room that’s adorned with soft furniture and carpets.

Because even such pieces of furniture act as noise absorbers. With this done, now close all windows and doors to not let your recordings get hampered by outdoor horns and blarings.

2. Record in a correct posture

Your recordings need to have an ample volume for your listeners to hear clearly what subject you are talking about.

People say that your mouth should be at least a palm’s distance from your mic for quality recordings. You may also suggest this technique to your guests whom you are inviting to the stage.

However, it is fine if you don’t get a good audio signal as there are ways to boost your vocal post-production. But in this case, even the slightest background noises too would be boosted.

So, always start with a loud signal.

3. Use a podcast microphone

Your audio content should have the best range of frequency spectrum for your audiences to hear without any glitches. I would suggest some of the speaker’s best-choice microphones like XLR or USB.

Don’t get me wrong as these would cost you hefty and if you wish to go ahead with lesser-range microphones, buy some that would give closer results.

However, if you are not satisfied with both of my options, simply opt for recording software like OnTheFly that comes with editing tools to help you boost the sound quality of your streams.

So finally, we have come to the end of our blog post and its time we wrap our text.

Was My Article Useful?

To conclude, these were the pro tips that would help any budding podcaster excel in their remote virtual podium talks. 

Though podcasting might seem simple with a crisp script, it can make you lose your way if you don’t have the right recording application, and for that, OnTheFly can come as your guide.

Get started with us and see how we make your audio content a masterpiece. Oh yes, leave us a comment below on what you think about my write-up, and hit the thumbs-up icon at the top! 

Happy podcasting!!

How Can I Record My Own Podcast?

Follow these steps to record your own ideal podcast
1.Prepare a script and technical gadgets
2.Choose a podcast recording software
3.go for the recording tool in the platform or get a recorder
4.hit a test run 
5. Now go live and start recording.

Can I Record a Podcast For Free?

Absolutely, you can record free podcasts using trial versions of some of the podcast hosting platforms. Or you can use an external device to record it as you stream. 

Is Making A Podcast Easy?

With the right podcast hosting platform it is simple and easy to make a podcast, some of our suggestions to easy podcasting is OnTheFly, StreamYard and Restream.

What Is The Best Platform To Record A Podcast On?

The best platform to record is based on different features and usability of the platform, 
Here is our top three best podcast recording platforms 

Is A podcast a video recording?

Podcast is both audio and video recording with podcast host presiding the stream, podcast is streaming in real-time, whereas video recording is recording for showcasing to viewers.

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