Live Streaming Equipment Setup for Beginners

What makes live streaming great ? yes content and the way host drives the session is important but there is another million dollar answer is hidden in the backdrop making every great live streaming content , stand where it is now

It’s none other than the equipments the streamers use to host the live streaming session, even if you are a beginner in the business this blog will help you achieve it without any second thoughts,

Come let’s dig deeper to learn them,

Does my Business need Live Streaming?

To answer this question straight away, yes and it is mandatory in today’s internet world, video live streaming is the easiest and simplest way of showing your product without needing to explain the pros of the product.

Live streaming adds up to it with interactive features and selling capabilities, on the other hand business and entertainment are the two major sectors to be highly benefited from live streaming.

Business Live Streaming

From in house virtual meetings, online presentations, conferences, employee communications, live streams are a great problem solver  regardless of location or events.

Moreover, affordability of live streaming is cheaper when compared to other forms of communications. All you need to do streaming is a quality laptop. 

Entertainment Live Streaming

The current generation is hooked into video games, live music, theater, concerts and activities involving screens and conversation, that is where live streaming comes into action. Combining the sources of entertainment together in a collective space.

Hardware Components You’ll Need for Creating a Live Stream

Let’s get into the main picture, what it takes to create a live streaming experience that’s worth the time and money.

Professional Video Camera

Laptop camera is alright but a professional camera will do wonders, the best video cameras for live streaming are Sony ZV-E10, GoPro Hero10 BlacK, Elgato Facecam, Obsbot Meet 4K webcam.


Microphones come out in four  major ways for live streaming

  • Integrated Microphone: Integrated microphones are built-in microphones on laptops, you might need an external device if you are in a loud space. 
  • Headset Microphone: Sound quality of a headset mic is exponentially low when compared to a dedicated mic. This could be a solution if you need an immediate solution or running out of a dedicated microphone for recording.
  • Dedicated USB Microphone: Most of the gamers use dedicated live streaming microphones this brings in a great sound quality and noise cancellation.
  • XLR Microphone: the best microphones for live streaming, where multiple individuals have separate audio inputs, audio level adjustment and mixing capabilities 

You can also switch into different inputs.


Lighting is crucial for a better visual quality and three point lighting is ideal for live streaming capture. Quality lighting equipment brings more visual beauty without compromise on the experience.

Video Encoding Software/Hardware

Encoders help streaming to be delivered the right way, most of the breakdown of video takes place in encoding. There are both hardware and software encoders available in the market, based on the need and workload, you can opt for the encoder.

Mounting Devices

A quality mounting device like tripods, lights stand, and microphones holder can be a great investment for the long run. It adds a sense of professionalism to your stream, 

Five Essential Features for live streaming apps

Live streaming apps must have features that enhances viewership and engagement are mentioned below,

  • Live Chats- Real-time chat is an beneficial solution for both the host and the audience as it brings an engagement and interaction factor to the live streaming experience
  • Record on the Go-Studio grade recording helps you store it for the future and builds more space for marketing the product
  • Real-Time Analytics- User feed, viewers count and live counts of user comments data is crucial to understand the viewers mindset.
  • Appealing UI/UX design- A simplified UI eases the user experience and makes it simplified for viewers to explore the platform.


Bringing viewers through marketing is achievable but essential features bring the output that one desires. On a continuous note,  if you are going for a quality live streaming platform then most of the problems for achieving a better user experience is easily solved. Our recommendations are OnTheFly, Restream and Streamyard. For more information on live streaming platforms click here 


What Equipment Is Best For Live Streaming?

Depending on the budget and the quality you are expecting, the range of best devices for live streaming differs, Razor kiyo webcam, Rode microphones, Limostudio softbox are some of the best equipment for live streaming. 

How To Set Up Equipment For Live Streaming?

1. First and Foremost, connect the Input devices for Audio and Video, 
2. Configure an encoder or if you are using an live streaming platform it comes with an inbuilt encoder. 
3. Link with the Live Streaming Platform 
4. Go start live streaming now

What Equipment Is Needed To Be A Streamer?

Laptop, camera, microphone, light setup,  live streaming software and a stable internet connection. 

How Much Does A Live Stream Setup Cost?

On an average, the complete live streaming set up costs about $500 to $2000, based on the quality and output you desire, the amount of money differs. 

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