Easy Steps To Start Live Fitness Classes

Fitness industry is evolving and all the sports and fitness enthusiasts are adapting to it, if you are a fitness creator or a fitness business owner who is looking forward to improve the profits and trainees for your coaching.

Then, live streaming fitness classes will workout for you! a virtual gym to reach any corner in the world 

The best thing about it is, you can do it with your laptop with minimal setup and a live streaming platform.

Let’s explore them all in this article below,

Why Should You Live-Stream Fitness Classes?


  • It boosts your fitness business
  • It helps you connect worldwide with fitness enthusiasts
  • It increases your profits with monetization and minimal expenses
  • Dedicated trainees on time
  • Virtual gym no travel expenses

The benefits are numerous as you ask, live streaming fitness classes are the new-norm and the world has adapted to it post covid. It’s time you do it as well.

What To Consider Before You Start Live-Streaming?

These are mandatory questions which you need to answer before you start live streaming your fitness classes, 

  • What’s the purpose of your live stream?
  • What platform are you going to be streaming on? ·
  • What time are you going to broadcast? 
  • What equipment are you going to use for streaming?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What makes your fitness content standout from other streamers?

Giving answers to the above questions will bring you to a state of clarity and confidence to compete in the dense market. If you are looking for more live streaming tips, here you go!

Benefits Of Live-Streaming Fitness Classes

1. Reach and Extend

Live streaming fitness classes clear boundaries by helping you access workouts from the comfort of their homes and personalized.

2. Time Authority

Online fitness training sessions are scheduled and they bring a flexible Schedule to your fitness coaching regime, helping you manage time and to be more productive.

3. Explore Different Streams Of Workouts

Right from high-intensity interval training (HIIT), aerobics, bodybuilding, yoga to strength training. Online fitness programs assure individuals to explore their variety of physical fitness classes from one space. 

4. Personalized Training Programs

One-on-one Live streaming creates real-time interaction, personalized guidance ,motivational cues, and a supportive environment to achieve  your fitness goals easily.

5. Save Money

Imagine the costs of  traditional gym memberships, commuting and PT fees, when it comes to online training your subscription is cut-down to half of the training pricings.

Apart from these you wouldn’t miss out on classes as it is scheduled and you have it right on your daily routine.

8 Steps To Start Live Stream Fitness Classes

1. Decide On The Fitness Classes You Are Going To Live Stream

As said earlier, choose your stream of fitness coaching and the way you want to present your virtual coaching, create a guidelines and stick to it,

2. Choose A Live Streaming Platform

Here comes the main punch, a live streaming platform is the core to any successful fitness streaming business, write down your needs, research the tools and features from various platforms and then come down to the top streaming platform.

3. Brand Yourself

Customize your streaming presentation by branding your fitness business with logos, themes and overlays during the live stream, platforms like restream, streamyard and OnTheFly offer such tools.

4. Connect It To A Stable Internet Connection

A latency free streaming creates a hassle free experience for trainees, so wire your PC to a stable internet connection with best internet provision. 

5. Lights, Camera, and Audio

A proper light set up and an additional camera with audio inputs will produce a pleasant viewing experience, make sure you don’t compromise on that.

6. Schedule And Promote Your Live Stream

Fix a time and stick to it, generate mails and messages to inform the trainee to be on time, and to schedule it prior to the classes .

7.Collect Feedback

After your stream ask your attendees for feedback with polls, Q n A and other feedback tools provided in the platform. Work on your weakness and come back stronger for better streaming performance.

Which is the Best Platform for Live Streaming Fitness?

Considering all the factors and feedback from the internet top streamers, it’s okay to promote OnTheFly, since it leads the market with a balance of multistreaming and pro tools to customize, brand, market, record and re-stream the live streaming content.

Some of the key features include-

  • Studio-grade recorder
  • Custom RTMP
  • Multi Streaming feature
  • Cloud storage
  • Scheduler
  • Email templates
  • Branding tools

Where Should You Start Live Streaming Now? 

As you are aware of how to start and what to showcase, now it’s time to invest in the right platform with affordable pricing. Our recommendations would be OnTheFly and streamyard, it helps budding streamers to reach heights with minimal efforts and pro streamers to reach viewers across horizons.

For more streaming related information, reach out to us in the comment section below. 

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