How to Engage Your Audience Using Real-Time Chat 

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Communication has always been at the heart of human interaction, without which existence would become a big question mark. Besides its revolutionary history, communication has seen tremendous changes, Now the focus is on real-time chat to AI-powered chatbots.  Who would say no to chatting with their fans, peers, families, and community in real time, isn’t it? Especially a live video streaming chat. 

Did you know that 94% of customers who proactively engaged with live chat were very or somewhat satisfied with the experience? This statistic indicates that real-time chat is not just a forum for communication but also a tool for engaging users by offering instant replies or solutions. 

Speaking of the current scenario, Can real-time chat help beyond communication? The answer is yes! But in what aspects does real-time chat make a significant difference today? Recently, creators, businesses, and institutions have been using live streaming for promotional activities. Real-time chat in such cases adds a personalized touch for both streamers and viewers, weaving a contemporary narrative by paving the way for more engaging content and discussions. 

In this blog let’s explore an interesting narrative of how a real-time chat elucidates communication simply! Shall we begin folks?

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Benefits of a Real-Time Chat

Real-time chat helps you to give your viewers a delightful experience by fostering engagement and communication in real-time during your live stream. In every live video stream chat, users like to enjoy the pinnacle of social interaction. 

When discussing benefits, real-time chat lets users foster better relationships & communication during a live stream:

  • It acts as an interactive arena to share thoughts, ideas, and feedback in one unified chat room.
  • Fosters discussions and communication by connecting viewers across various platforms into one unified space.
  • Encourages users to express more with a vast array of emojis and reactions from one interactive palette.
  • Guarantees secure and safe conversations with end-to-end encryption, allowing users to engage securely.
  • Notifying users and receivers while getting replies and sending notifications to ensure successful delivery of messages, which helps in monitoring audience engagement scores. 
  • Gives viewers the feeling of recognition and contentment.
  • The chat concludes as the live stream ends and saves the trouble of continuing it later.

Aren’t these benefits amazing enough to consider for your livestream? Whether it’s a live stream or a multistream, this real-time chat feature connects users from various platforms into one unified chat, helping streamers connect with viewers from multiple platforms in a single chat room

6 Steps to Make Real-Time Chat More Engaging in a Live Stream

So are you aware of the list of benefits that you would enjoy with real-time chat? Let’s hope that your live streaming platform has a built-in real-time chat, making your job more easier.

 If not, here is a session dedicated to you, for getting into the action of making the real-time chat more engaging in 6 steps. 

Take That Real-time Chat Box Seriously

You are into real-time chat, and you want your viewers to have a 1:1 or a group chat with you, so take it seriously. Ensure that the platform you choose offers a built-in chat experience, fostering engagement without much hassle. 

Take a screenshot of the best comment and show it during your stream or the forthcoming live stream. Show your audience you are serious about every comment!

Hosting Regular Q&A Sessions

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Whenever you stream, make sure to include viewers in your stream. Allow them to feel recognized and wanted, with regular Q&A sessions after each live video stream. Make them feel benefited after each session so that they come back for more. People conducting live webinar classes can make use of this and make the session more interactive.

Displaying Q&A on the screen will benefit both viewers and the streamers. Have fun answering every query and show how earnest you are about your show!

Focus On Live Commenters

Interactive real-time chat

While the comments on a published video or audio file are considered as winning trophy, live commenters are priceless, as they play a dual role as both viewer and a commentator. With the time spent on your content make every second of it count by focusing on their live comments when go live !. 

Spread emojis, 👏, 😍, 🥳, 🥰, ❤️, 🔥, ⭐, to every commenter out there! Emojis speak a lot more than words. Try something different and achieve 10x engagement !.

Keep it Engaging

Make the most of your livestream by keeping it as engaging as possible. Conduct surveys, send polls, add a Q&A session, hold quizzes, and ask for viewers’ opinions throughout.

Recognize familiar names during the stream or comment on their actions later. This approach will increase your conversion rate and maximize retention.

Speaking of such example :

  • ” Billymore you make a great point there”
  • “A big round of applause to Cathyperry!

Just go ahead with such running comments and make it more engaging and fun! 

Set Your Agenda

Give your audience your agenda, by letting them know what will you be covering in the stream from starting, middle till the last. So that based on the agenda viewers will plan their participation.

 By doing this you can attract the targeted audience and make viewers come to you for content that is relevant to them. For instance: just take a pause in between for every 20 minutes of the show, acknowledge people entering between or starting throughout, and take this as an opportunity to talk about what you are going to talk about. 

So people who are joining in between will get the essence of your show, even when they join between. 

Own your influence and Be genuine

People are spending their precious time to stop by, listen to you, and engage with you in real-time chat. So never make them regret it; whatever you say or show might influence them and could be a life-changing experience.

Be responsible and genuine in what you do, and give your best to show your loyalty to your fans.

For instance, if you are showcasing merchandise or talking about hot topics and providing factual data, make sure whatever you recommend or say is true to your knowledge.

We hope these 6 steps have given you positive insights into how you can make your real-time chat more engaging.

Shine like a star steal the show and let millions turn toward you!

Key elements of a real-time chat solution 

Here are the indispensable elements that you need to scout for in a live video streaming chat! 


Whether you are live streaming or multistreaming, the platform you choose must be able to combine messages from your users into one unified chat system, so that you get to engage your audience from a single screen, without the need to switch between tabs. 


Higher storage capacity is a vital element to consider. Some of the best live-streaming platforms with real-time chat like OnTheFly offer the option to store messages in the platform during the live stream, for you to view them later on your screen. 

Platforms with such storage capacity will yield good operational efficiency for managing and scaling up chats with increasing users. 

Message deleting

To err is human, so it is quite normal to make typos or send messages to the wrong window. Having features that address these errors makes it easy for both senders and receivers to have a streamlined messaging experience without confusion and repetition. Make sure that the platform you choose has such a feature.

Things to consider while considering  a real-time chat

Now that you are aiming to leverage your video streaming using a platform, make sure that it has a real-time chat to foster viewer engagement and a higher retention rate. 

 While real-time chat is a paramount feature, consider the following characteristics to look for in a Live stream chat. 


For a real-time online chat system, the increasing number of user interactions requires the system to accommodate any number of conversations without compromising internet speed and efficiency.

The system must support both user increases and decreases by managing scalability up and down.

Reliable Operation in real-time

User experience is a supreme trait to consider in a live video stream chat, such that the operational efficiency of the chat system must be able to control the potential bug related issues and other system failures. 

Make sure that the platform you choose provides reliable, seamless, and smooth functioning of the chat system. 

Modern security

The platform must have a robust SDK, that must support security standards and regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

Also, a real-time chat must be seamlessly integrated with the platform user’s management system. Right from user authentication to handling the privacy of the chat, everything must be sturdy and supportive. 

The term real-time chat may sound simple, but there is a lot to it, and we hope that you feel positive in moving forward with the best guidelines and tips you have ever heard!  One of the premium multistream platforms called OnTheFly offers you a versatile solution by giving you all the necessary features in one single, unified platform. 

Remember looking into too many things may seem overwhelming, that is why we have highlighted the most important elements and traits to look for, the good news is, the list is over! 

Tips To Takeaway

There are plenty of platforms that offer a variety of tools and elements that every video streamer hopes for. As you are already considering real-time chat, we have some of the best suggestions for you to get started right away. 

Try exploring platforms like OnTheFly, StreamYard, Restream, or Onestream to earn maximum engagement with real-time chat. Consider this as a pro tip to launch your live steaming like an expert. 

Now stream live instantly with real-time chat features and reach your audience globally !


We hope your search for real-time chat has come to an end. With the intervention of AI and other technological revolutions cascading now and then, it’s vital to foster human communication and engagement instead of shifting to chatbots. After all, your audience likes being heard and listening to others.

Stand unique as a video streamer by dedicating your valuable time to engaging your audience through real time chat and fostering meaningful discussions to create memorable moments with your audience!

  1. Informative read on the benefits of real-time chat in livestreaming. Looking forward to implement the techniques given here and enhance the viewer interaction!


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