Live Stream Church Services: A Step-by-Step Guide

The messiah has arrived, but the message isn’t conveyed properly ! ever since covid hit the world, church goers are restricted to their homes and there is huge reduction of church visiting believers.

To attract the millennials, to enhance the participation of church goers and to keep up the faith,  live broadcasting came to the rescue,

The continuing problem is that not many churches reap the actual benefits of live streaming, so here we have sorted it out for you on how to live stream a church service effectively. 

Why Live Stream Church Services?

Churches conducting masses and spreading messages through online streaming services are very minimal in the past decade when compared to other businesses or services, but the tables are turning now because online church service benefits are huge now, check them out for yourself, 

Large viewership- Streaming services are a great way to attract new and huge numbers of audiences, multistreaming on the other hand brings in audiences from various social media platforms.

Time and scheduling- As a streamer you can set time and schedule the events as there is an opportunity to do that, setting a reminder to your viewers.

Reaching millennials- Younger generations are the most active on social media and digital platforms, hence pushing them to churches can be rectified by connecting them online.

Recording- Conducting masses offline requires lots of manpower and efforts each and every time, with the help of live streaming platforms one can record and reuse the content for future use.

Donations- Online donations are the new norms as it brings in more contributions,  and live streaming brings communities and collectives together for better donations and a stronger community.

How To Setup Church Live Streaming Equipment

Some crucial factors are necessary to setup a church live streaming, they are inevitable for a seamless streaming,

Internet Connection- The prime factor in this list is internet connection as it enables a smooth and interruption free connection to deliver and view the stream.

Camera- Choosing a camera for live-streaming church services is difficult as the choices are huge and high-end professional cameras cost big bucks. Considering this research and picking a DSLR or a professional camcorder, that brings in high visual quality with zoom capabilities, and low light performance.

Computer/Laptop- a viable computer or laptop minimizes your gadget stock and increases your productivity, a high performing laptop will handle most of your external gadgets job

Go shop now!

Tripod- a shaky camera output always distracts the audience attention, get yourself a quality tripod that makes your streaming seamless. There are plenty of Tripods in the market, go for the one that suits your camera and budget. 

Iphone- Iphone is the most handy and compact tool that will sort most of your streaming issues, streaming through Iphone is simple and trouble free, all you need is an additional tripod and a good microphone.

Microphone- Speaking of microphone, they are the core of any live streaming service, audio needs to be clear for viewers to receive the conveyed message.

Make sure you tick the above checklist before you go live!

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Which Platforms Should You Live Stream Your Church Services On?

Live Stream Church Services

So now you know how to stream , but do you have any clue where to stream? Know them now, choose the right streaming platform,

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Instagram Live
  • Church’s Own Website

Facebook Live

Facebook Live, the giant meta product, helps you live stream church masses if you own a facebook profile and a community filled with your followers, 2+ billion active users are three in facebook.

Facebook schedule helps you set a live stream schedule in advance, To live stream in fb select Create post and Live, then choose Go Live or Create live video event and then set up your scheduled live stream.

YouTube Live

YouTube live streaming is now booming and it is go-to app for almost everybody nowadays, Activating an account in Youtube is so simple and YouTube Live is also available for free

To go live select the create button and then Go live. You can go live from the YouTube mobile app or from the web but there is an underlying condition, you should have at least 1,000 followers to live stream. 

Instagram Live

Instagram is the best way to attract millennials and to catch up with the current trend, to live stream in Instagram, select live and go test run and set up your live stream customization and then go live.

Church’s Stream With Their Own Website

Church online gatherings can be easily achieved on their own website if they hesitate to go to external social media platforms.

There are  multistreaming platforms that help streamers to generally embed urls so that you can stream on your own website.

Let’s get into detail about how to do that !

Platforms like OnTheFly provide a revolutionary feature to generate URL that help you broadcast your church masses online in your own website

All you need to do is to reach out to their support team for more clarity on how to achieve it.

Multistream To Several Destinations With OnTheFly

Okay let’s get into business, 

OnTheFly is a premium platform that helps you stream in different platforms all together simultaneously, it has some quality features that builds church viewership, and the quality of your live stream

Some of its key features are listed below,

  • Multistreaming
  • Invite multiple guests to live stream
  • Studio-grade recording
  • Generate Embed URL
  • Cloud storage
  • Pro-editing tools
  • Host podcasts and webinars
  • Web-based browser

So what’s holding you, go start building faith and begin your live stream now !


On a final note, there are plenty of opportunities to live stream your church masses and prayer sessions, but where you do it benefits you most, so choose wisely from the crowd of platforms.

Pricing is also another factor to consider while opting for a platform, list out your priorities and start streaming. If you have more query on how to live stream church masses online, reach out to us in the comment section below, keep building faith and hope !


1. How to do a livestream in church?

On a general note, Live streams in churches can be attained by accessing social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram. But the best option is to go to multi streaming platforms like OnTheFly.

2. What is the purpose of church live streams?

To spread the words of faith, connect people together and spread the message of the religious leaders or books faster, easier and simpler in the likes of our electronic gadgets.

3. Is it OK to live stream church?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to live stream church happenings as it creates a space common for all to increase viewership and brand building. 

4. How do I broadcast a church service on YouTube?

To broadcast a church service on Youtube, create an account on Youtube, go live by selecting the create button and then Go live. You can also go live from the YouTube mobile app or from the web.

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